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How to submit your Party Rankings

How to submit your Party Rankings

A nominated representative on either party can submit a ranking on behalf of their respective party.

If you need to change your rankings, you can go through the ranking process more than once before the due date.

1) You should have received an email notification that ranking has commenced. Take note of the ranking due date, as you cannot submit your ranking after this date. The email template used will differ depending on your Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Organization. However, typically, the ranking due date will be in the body of the email.

2) Click on "Complete Ranking" in the email and log into the platform. This will bring you to the "Neutral Selection" ranking screen with the nomination lists of neutrals.

Depending on the governing rules applied to your dispute, you may have to rank more than one list. For example, this can apply if you have to rank a chair and party-designated arbitrator. In this case, you will receive more than one email notification, but both lists should be visible from the neutral selection screen.

3) Note the ranking due date in the top left-hand corner. You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before this date. After this date, you can no longer submit your ranking.

Note if neutrals have already been selected and appointed, or the ranking deadline has passed, all options will be greyed out. Contact the case manager of your ADR Organisation if you need to access this ranking list.

4) Download the "Nomination Pack", which contains additional information the ADR organisation has shared with you to improve your ranking. Nomination packs may not be required for certain types of cases. In those cases, the download link will be greyed out.

5) You can view the public profiles of the neutrals on the ranking list by clicking on an individual's name.

6) Submit your ranking by selecting your order of preference against each neutral.

All neutrals must be ranked before the "Save Changes" button is enabled. You will see it as greyed out until then.

Click "Save Changes" once you have completed your ranking which will submit it.

7) Depending on the rules that are governing your case, you may have the ability to "strike through" or "object" to a neutral on the ranking list. They are similar with the only difference with an objection you can provide a reason. To object click on the box next to the respective neutrals name. It will open a dialogue box where you will be able to type in a reason or upload any supporting documentation.

8 ) Once you save your objection, you will see an "x" under the respective neutral's name. You can subsequently edit your objection by clicking the pencil icon or remove it by clicking the** 'x'**. The case manager will be able to see your objection once you save your ranking.

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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